Michelle's Advice:

My #1 piece of advice is for new owners; research the breed of dog you add to your family.  Discuss with breeders, groomers, and your vet.  Find out the costs associated with your new fur baby.  Let's be honest, all dogs are cute.  However, some dogs require much more grooming than others in order to keep them healthy, for example some require grooming every 2 weeks some every 3 months, all depending on coat type and style.  Research the cost of maintaining the hair style you want, as some breeds require much more skill and time which makes for more frequent and costly grooms.  Keep in mind your lifestyle and choose a dog that fits well with your family.

Coat Maintenance should be a priority.   Brushing your dog between grooms helps significantly with coat maintenance.  Keeping your dog on a grooming schedule that works best for you and your dog's coat type also supports a healthy coat.  All dogs need grooming, regardless of coat type, and we understand that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with brushing. If brushing is too much, then schedule regular appointments with your groomer so your dog stays happy, healthy, and matt free!