A Friendly Greeting

We want you to feel comfortable leaving your pet with us. 

Stephanie Copeland,

Salon Manager

Grooming, 14 years

My favorite part of grooming is the hairy work.   I LOVE to groom big hairy dogs. 

I also love all the pet parents' reactions when they pick up their 'perfectly groomed pieces of art'.  Their smiles make everyday and every dog worth it.                

Stephanie loves Levi, her 7 year old Great Dane

Michelle Skinner, Owner


Canadian Canine Master Stylist
Canadian Professional Pet Stylist

Grooming, 10 years

I love making the senior dogs feel comfortable.  Keeping dogs healthy is a priority for me.  Educating the owner on coat care and working together to ensure their fur kid is feeling and looking their best.    I love the transformation!

I also enjoy the competitive side of grooming. As it challenges my skills and knowledge as the industry is always changing. Meeting fellow groomers from around the world who share the same passion is always a highlight for me!

Hair of the Dog provides excellence in grooming within a safe and caring environment.

Our groomers provide the best groom for your pet, taking time to assess the health of the coat and the well being of the dog. 

Genuine Concern

We treat your pet like it was our own.  Providing a safe and caring environment..

Professional Service

Our talented groomers will provide the best groom for your pet.

Michelle with 3 of her 'fur kids' -  Rupert, Bean and Sprout.